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About Hancock Bank MY PayCard

Use Your Payroll Card for Everyday and Special Purchases
1. CHECK YOUR BALANCE. Know how much you have available on the card before you shop. (Call Customer Service line, visit website, or an ATM.)
2. PRESENT AND SIGN. Present your card to the cashier, sign the receipt, and go.
3. IMMEDIATELY RECORD. Note how much you spend, and subtract it from your balance. Don't forget to immediately record your pay and ATM withdrawals, too.

Use your card to get cash at all Hancock Bank and Whitney Bank ATMs, or get cash worldwide at ATMs with the Visa, Plus or STAR signs. You can also get cash back when making purchases at participating merchants showing the STAR sign or by visiting a branch of any financial institution.

At an ATM:
1. Insert your card and follow the steps on the screen.
2. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
3. Select "Checking", if prompted.
4. Select the amount of cash you want to withdraw.
5. Be sure to remove your card and receipt before leaving the ATM.
6. Record the amount of your withdrawal.